Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Early Night and Some Final Thoughts!

We have a long day on the road tomorrow, so I'm calling it an early night here.
Plans are being made to meet with at least one more friend of Ed Gibbs. I am so anxious to hear more personal impressions of him. If anyone ever really knew him.......
As always, I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to several folks who understand how important this project is. What started as my fascination and compulsion to learn more about the case and Marian Baker, in particular has now become so so much more!
This is all about Marian Louise Baker. And finally, there's a real chance for the right thing to be done.
I have to say I'm honored to be able to even participate in this journey.
And I am so so sorry I was never able to meet her. Sincerely.

I'll update here when we get back tomorrow night. Have a safe and wonderful night, all! :)